Beginning January 2, 2013, the IPOPHL started accepting requests for the USPTO-IPOPHL PPH Program which will last for one (1) year, or until December 31, 2013 following the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement with the USPTO last October 4, 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland by Director General Atty. Ricardo R. Blancaflor of the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines and USPTO Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property Teresa Stanek Rea representing Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office David Kappos.

The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) is a framework in which an application whose claims have been determined to be patentable in the Office of First Filing (OFF) is eligible to go through an accelerated examination in the Office of Second Filing (OSF) with a simple procedure upon an applicant’s request.

In this PPH Agreement, applicants with patent applications filed with IPOPHL with corresponding USPTO filings who wish to avail of the said program can benefit from an advanced-out-of-turn examination wherein said application will be prioritized among others.

Applicants who wish to avail of this PPH Agreement is required to submit the following: (1) Request Form; (2) Claim Correspondence Table; (3) Request for an advanced-out-of-turn examination addressed to the BOP Director; and (4) an Information Disclosure Statement which includes the list of all the documents cited by the USPTO Examiner.

Due to the prioritisation requirement in the said agreement, applicants are reminded that only the first one hundred (100) applications shall be eligible in the PPH per semester to maintain manageable level. Applications which will not make the cut shall not be subjected to PPH but will be treated as regular applications.

Applicants with corresponding USPTO applications are encouraged to avail of the Patent Prosecution Highway for a speedy examination of their applications.

The PPH system is another undertaking of IPOPHL to make the Philippines a truly world-class I.P. Office according to IPOPHL Director General Ricardo Blancaflor.

A copy of the complete set of guidelines and request forms of the USPTO-IPOPHL PPH Agreement can be downloaded here.      




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