IPOPHL welcomes JIPII, IP experts

Published on March 7, 2019



The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines on Tuesday welcomed the Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation (JIPII) and 28 international IP experts from the Institute’s network of IP practitioners, delivering a message of strengthening relations.


JIPII and some 28 members of the Institute’s IP Collegium network gathered at IPOPHL for a courtesy visit and informal acquaintance meeting with IPOPHL officials.


The IP Collegium project is a human resource and network building project of JIPII, tapping select IP experts globally to remain apprised of IP developments around the world. The organization’s annual seminar and meeting are being held in the Philippines this year.


“We deeply appreciate the IPOPHL’s cooperation in this seminar on regional development and IP, and we are thankful to have kept a good relationship and strong coordination with IPOPHL,” said JIPII Vice Chairman Mr. Nakajima.


IPOPHL’s Executive Committee, led by Director General Josephine R. Santiago (an alumnus of JIPII) apprised JIPII of current major developments in the office such as the finalization of the National Intellectual Property Strategy (NIPS) and the formalization of the IP Academy, paving the way for strengthened collaboration.


“I would be happy to partner with JIPII on courses to help us make the IP Academy a success, as we’re aiming to make the teaching of IP systematic and sustained,” Director General Santiago said.