3 Eerily innovative patents to put you in the Halloween mood

In the Philippines, remembering the dead is not just observed with solemnity but has come to include festivities and merry-making: trick-or-treating, costume parties, and basically scaring yourself silly is part and parcel of Halloween. This celebration has inspired all kinds of ideas, including some for chillingly innovative inventions and designs.


  1. Halloween Pail

You may see this registered industrial design of a Jack O’ Lantern pail on the hands of trick or treating kids this Halloween, filled to the brim with tons of candy.

  • Application No. PH/3/2015/00707.


  1. Edible Candy Container

Likely thinking of kids over-eager to dig into their Halloween candies, Nelson’s Sweets Incorporated applied for and registered both a utility model (for the function) and an industrial design ( for the ornamental design) for an egg-shaped candy container, which itself can be eaten. What can be placed inside the edible container, you ask? More candy!

  • Both PH/3/2017/000279 (Industrial Design) and PH/2/2017/00130 (Utility Model) are registered in their respective IP rights.


  1. Pepper’s Ghost

One of the truly innovative techniques used in theatre and stage entertainment in the early 19th century is an optical illusion called ‘Pepper’s Ghost’. Through the angling of a glass pane and manipulation of light, a ghastly ‘apparition’ (actually a reflection of an object out of view) can be made to appear out of thin air! This was popularized in the 1960s through Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion which made use of the illusion to great effect. The stage trick is still being used today, and different devices, contraptions, and methods have been invented to re-create the illusion in different settings.

Musion Systems Limited enjoys patent protection of their invention on a ‘projection apparatus and method for Pepper’s Ghost Illusion’ in the Philippines.

  • With Application No. PH/1/2006/501921