IPOPHL enjoins Filipino furniture designers to compete in ASEAN furniture design contest



The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) is calling on the Philippine community of furniture designers, from neophyte to professional, to compete in the ASEAN Furniture Design Contest 2018, a region-wide tilt supported by Asean intellectual property offices to spur creativity and cultural expression.  



The IPOPHL is accepting entries from Philippine-based applicants to the ASEAN Furniture Design Contest 2018 until June 18, 2018.


The contest is open to furniture designers at all levels of experience - furniture designer, professional in the industry, student, craftsperson, artist - whose nationality is one of the 10 member countries of the ASEAN.


The ASEAN Furniture Design Contest 2018 is spearheaded by European Union through its ARISE Plus Program, and Department of Intellectual Property of Thailand, with the IP Offices of other ASEAN member states as co-collaborators.


The contest is aimed at protecting and raising awareness of designs and related rights,  as well as intellectual property rights (IP Rights) in creativity areas.


Candidates to the ASEAN Furniture and Design Contest 2018 will undergo first a national, then a regional-level assessment.


At the national level, five finalists will be chosen by a selection board created by the respective ASEAN member’s national intellectual property office, IPOPHL in the case of the Philippines.  


These finalists’ entries will be forwarded to the Intellectual Property Promotion and Development Office, Department of Intellectual Property of Thailand.


Advancing from the national stage, the five finalists of each ASEAN member-country will  compete and be judged by a Expert Regional jury. This expert jury will ultimately select one winner per country.

The ASEAN Furniture Design winners will have the chance to showcase their furniture design in the STYLE Bangkok Fair 2018 which will be taking place in Bangkok, Thailand in the month of October 2018.

ASEAN IP Offices collaborated with  the European Union’s ARISE Plus Program, and in particular with the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP Thailand) in the preparation of the grounds for the ASEAN Furniture Design Contest 2018 initiative for which the ASEAN country champion is Thailand (initiative 16 of the ASEAN IPR Action Plan 2016-2025).

The ASEAN Furniture Design Contest 2018is a specialized contest open to both concept stage and realized furniture designs by new talented designers with the final determination to firmly support the creativity in the ASEAN region.

For complete details on entry guidelines, click here.