ASEAN Furniture Design Competition 2018


Candidate’s entry must include:

  1. Official submission form
  2. Participant Data
  • Name, Surname
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport / identity number
  • nationality
  • Contact details
  1. Resume
  • Must elaborate on previous professional experience, education (including vocational training), and skills acquired
  1. Pictures
  • At least 3 pictures in digital support (CD) of the furniture design presented (in format .tiff or jpg, 300 dpi, size 10 x 15 cm at least).
  • Must be of good quality showing clearly the details of the design and at least one of the pictures must show design with a neutral background.
  • Additionally, video recording showing the design can be submitted.

5. Technical record of each of the design presented describing sizes, materials and technique used and year of design and production.

  1. Conceptual report of each piece or collection presented
  • Maximum of 2,000 characters explaining its theme/s and inspiration source/s, to allow understanding of the piece and appreciation of its singularities.

*The candidate’s entry must be in digital format. (Word processors or PDF in a CD). The digital information about the design must be clear and accurate as it may appear in catalogues or booklets promoting the competition.

* The documents submitted will not be returned to participants. Those participants willing to withdraw their documentation have to arrange pick up or parcel return with the corresponding IP Office by contacting them. The costs of withdraw and return will be borne by participants.


the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines will create a  selection board, which, in turn will select five finalists based on the dossiers and pictures received. The five finalists will advance to the regional selection.

The selection board will be assessing the technical, aesthetic, innovation and originality aspects of the furniture design presented. The top criteria are design, engineering, and presentation , but will also take into account other criteria such as innovation, uniqueness of the design, social impacts, environment friendliness, energy utilization, and project specific criteria.

The furniture design submitted shall be executed and produced; unexecuted designs will not be accepted. The furniture design presented shall be original, unique, singular and novel.

Entries should be submitted to the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines on or before June 15, 2018 via registered mail to the address below:

2F Intellectual Property Center,

#28 Upper McKinley Road, Fort Bonifacio,

Taguig City 1634 PHILIPPINES

or email .


The 5 selected finalists of each country member of ASEAN will participate in this stage. From that batch, an Expert Regional Jury will choose a winner from each country that will form the winners’ podium of the ASEAN Furniture Design Contest.

The Expert Regional Jury on the ASEAN Furniture Design Contest will be composed of Spain (chairperson) , Indonesia (member of the jury) , Malaysia (member of the jury) Philippines (member of the jury) , and Thailand (member of the jury). The jury will be assessing technical, aesthetic, innovation and originality aspects of the furniture design presented. The jury’s decision is final.

The organization will contact the winners to communicate with them directly and arrange further steps described below


The winners’ podium will have the chance to showcase their furniture design in the STYLE Bangkok Fair 2018 which will be taking place in Bangkok (Thailand) in the month of October 2018.

Within the context of the fair, there will be an awards giving ceremony in which a trophy will be given to each of the winners.

During the award ceremony each of the winners will have time to explain to the audience the characteristics and values of their furniture designs.

Subject to availability of resources, each of the winners will be also awarded with a “study visit” for in a well-known furniture design company in ASEAN.  The exact time and venue of the study visit shall be determined in cooperation with the ARISE Plus Project.


1. Official language of this competition in terms of documentation will be English.

2. The copyrights and property rights of the furniture design will always belong to the participant and at under any circumstance will not be transmitted to the organization or any agent or person related to the competition.

3. The winners will be liable to legal action if it is found that their winning designs are infringing on Intellectual Property rights of other persons.

4. The participants accept that the information contained in the dossiers and the pictures of the furniture design might be included in promotional and advertising material of the competition (printed or digital), in promotional material of the STYLE Bangkok Fair 2018, and promotional and advertising material of the ASEAN IP Offices and ARISE Plus Project.

Participation in the ASEAN Furniture Design Contest 2018 implies fully acceptance of these regulations and conditions.


For the national selection stage, please contact Ms. Danya Regondon at (02) 238-6300 local 5402 or email .
For any further enquiries you can contact:
Intellectual Property Promotion and Development Office
Department of Intellectual Property
Ministry of Commerce of Thailand
563 Nonthaburi Rd.
Nonthaburi 11000, Thailand
Telephone number: +66 (02) 547 4652