Mediation is an effective tool in the fast and cost-effective resolution of intellectual property (IP) disputes. Mediation contributes to the resolution of disputes at a shorter time which could be translated to lower cost and better psychosocial outcomes. 

The present IPOPHL-BLA mediation service is effective in contributing to the fast resolution of cases. It is at par with international standards. One of the factors contributing to the success of the IPOPHL-BLA mediation service are the IPOPHL mediators who are experts the field of IP practice and mediation. They are trained by the best international professionals from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). 

However, the present system only covers Inter-Partes cases (IPC) and IP Violation (IPV) cases. As such, in order to avail of the mediation service, parties in dispute must first file a case in IPOPHL. 

To further provide mediation service to parties in disputes, IPOPHL will offer Mediation Outside Litigation. Mediation Outside Litigation involves mediation of disputes relating to IP without filing a case in IPOPHL. Mediation Outside Litigation can bridge the gap in resolving dispute without necessarily going to court. It has many benefits especially where relationships between the parties are to be preserved. 

The public is invited to submit their comments to the draft Rules on Mediation Outside Litigation until 30 June 2018. You can email your comments to

Download: [DRAFT] Rules on Procedure for IPOPHL Mediation Outside of Litigation