IPOPHL aims for higher efficiency and better transparency with new IT system

The Intellectual Property of the Philippines (IPOPHL) launches its Industrial Property Automation System (IPAS), an IP management system developed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

For the first time in the history of the IPOPHL, a fully automated system will now be used to process utility model, industrial design, patent, and trademark applications from end-to-end.  IPOPHL patent and trademark examiners will be using an advanced IT system that ensures the integrity, transparency, and accuracy of their work.  IPAS is expected to result in a more efficient IPOPHL that will be able to better deliver timely and quality IP registration services.

In preparation for IPAS deployment, the IPOPHL cleansed a total of 183,101 records and reengineered its business processes.  With IPAS, the IPOPHL’s plan to grant trademark in 5 weeks, design in 5 days, and utility model in 2 weeks will become a reality.

The IPAS Project took only two years to complete, with a very low implementation cost, especially considering the benefits that the country stands to gain for the use of the system.  The IPOPHL took advantage of technical assistance and expertise from WIPO.

IPOPHL Director General Ricardo Blancaflor said, “the Philippines has truly joined the rest of the modern economies that are currently using state of the art technology in the registration of patents and trademarks.”

Blancaflor further noted that the Philippines is fortunate to have the most experienced expert from WIPO, Mr. Paulo Agostinho, regional project coordinator for Latin America, who was given the special assignment of deploying IPAS in the country.

According to Mr. Blancaflor, the Philippines’ IPAS Project is the only one handled by Mr. Agostinho in Asia.  Blancaflor further said that this shows WIPO’s strong commitment to provide the best possible technical assistance to developing countries like the Philippines. Agostinho is joined in the project by the lead IPAS architect, Mr. Alberto Bossio, who comes all the way from Uruguay to work with IPOPHL.    

Blancaflor said that the IPOPHL is the first IP Office in Asia to use the latest version of IPAS for utility models and industrial designs, patents, and trademarks.

The launch of IPAS coincides with the visit of WIPO Deputy Director General for Cooperation for Development, Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama, the third high ranking WIPO official to visit the Philippines this year.  Another WIPO Official, Mr. Yo Takagi, Assistant Director General in charge of the IPAS Implementation Project, was in the country last month.  Earlier in the year, Director General Francis Gurry was in the Philippines for an official visit. 
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